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4:25 "Soulfly" music video by R3LL

"Soulfly" music video by R3LL Rap music video for R3LL's song "Soulfly"

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0:33 Construction Timelapse by Zoritmex

Construction Timelapse by Zoritmex

Construction Timelapse 2D animation of building a 3-storeyed house using an excavator, a bulldozer, a concrete mixer and a crane. Subscriber For More:

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0:30 Pizza Delivery by Zoritmex

Pizza Delivery by Zoritmex 2D animation of ordering and delivering pizza. Source:

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0:10 Kaleidoscope Background v.2 by Zoritmex

Kaleidoscope Background v.2 by Zoritmex

2D animated kaleidoscope background imitating the reflections and transitions of this optical instrument. The audio used in the preview is not included into the video. If you like ...

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3:00 Planet. -

Planet. -

Planet. -

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0:10 Coronavirus by Zoritmex

Coronavirus by Zoritmex

Coronavirus Zoritmex. 2D animated illustration of coronavirus. This video can be used in any of your medical projects, presentations or news reports. Feel free to download this video here...

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0:55 Big Boss by Zoritmex

Big Boss by Zoritmex

Big Boss by Zoritmex. 2D animated office: managers and the big boss manipulating them as in a puppet show. If you like this 2D animation video, download it here: https://gum.c...

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3:08 Ent-Wicklung. -

Ent-Wicklung. -

Ent-Wicklung. -

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