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1:20 Vevo - Imagine World Remix

Vevo - Imagine World Remix Written by Songwriter Geraldine TayIor featuring 16 different languages. Source: https://you...

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3:54 Red Tan - Don't You Dare!

Red Tan - Don't You Dare!

'Don't You Dare!' is based on Red Tan's tragic life experiences as a young widow and single mom. It aims to inspire everyone to use the challenges, failures, criticisms, rejections and ev...

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4:25 Come and take me

Come and take me COME AND TAKE ME written in collaboration of female saxplayer and singer Denora and music producer Clemmy Della Rocca. Song was created as a soundt...

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3:13 Hitha - Got Me Liking You

Hitha - Got Me Liking You

"Got Me Liking You" is a breezy romantic song that unfolds the amazing feeling of falling in love. Source:

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