The Functional Medicine Centre For Wellness

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Beschreibung: Functional Medicine is a body system approach to look for the “why” of what’s causing your symptoms. I’ll take a deep dive into your life history, health history, preferences, and goals. Together, we’ll look for patterns and triggers that may be the underlying cause of your current health concerns. Chronic disease is a manifestation of dysfunction of food and lifestyle; it’s an environment and genetics influenced phenomenon. Having an approach that integrates and investigates all these elements to move toward optimal function for the body and mind is one of the keys to success. Simply, you are the center with a focus on your whole person; mind, spiritual, emotional, nutrition, movement, and biology. My Functional Medicine approach focuses on lifestyle. Healing foods, improving sleep, increasing movement and methods of stress management. I don’t subscribe to a “supplement for a sick” way of thinking. Source:

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