In The Next Life - Godless America

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Beschreibung: If it weren't for our Veterans, we would not be here in This Great Country!! WE THANK YOU!! In this day and age, we are apparently living in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah...what's bad or evil is perfectly normal and accepted...whats good and "The right thing to do" is frowned upon and ridiculed...we are living in twisted times...where simply MENTIONING being "Pro American" will get you lynched by the people who live here, earn their wages here and were even born here!! The mere MENTION of GOD or AMERICA in a school will get you a lawsuit and a million dollars and everyone is OFFENDED!! RIDICULOUS. This country has gone to HELL and therefore, ITNL presents to you.... #Godless #America TOTAL ROYALTY INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS presents: IN THE NEXT LIFE : GODLESS AMERICA DOWNLOAD K.A.R.M.A FREE or DOUGH-NATION FOLLOW US DEAN GUITARS DIRECTED AND EDITED BY WILLIAM YOUNG and CHRIS INDELLICATI

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