Oral B 1000 - a detailed review

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Beschreibung: Oral B 1000 - a detailed review by 'A Dentist's Daughter' at https://adentistsdaughter.com/oral-b-1000-electric-toothbrush/ In this video we’re looking at a review of the Oral B 1000 electric toothbrush. What is its best features? What sets it apart from other best electric toothbrush models? And should you think about buying an Oral B Pro 1000? All these questions are answered in this Oral B 1000 review. Let’s take a look. Visit our website at A Dentist’s Daughter - https://ADentistsDaughter.com - to learn more about the Oral B 1000 and see other best electric toothbrush reviews. YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/yu64-DXapCs

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