One Love One World (We Are One) World Premiere by Craymo

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Beschreibung: Winner BEST VIDEO Worldwide Music Contest January 20, 2017 Indie reggae pop anti-bullying anthem by Craymo promoting diversity, world peace, tolerance, brotherhood, hope and human rights. Get Craymo on iTunes! This song was used as a learning aid to help teach children in Pang Liu Village in China how to speak English. Craymo is a passionate singer/songwriter who is on a mission to help change the world in a positive way. This song is featured on the United Nations project UNESCO website and has been downloaded and performed by children at their schools all across the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and China. With all the terrorism, injustice, war and the mistreatment and killing of innocent people in the world, this song is a voice for change. One Love One World won best song in the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival.

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