I Gave Up My Life to Find IT by Jule Gaige

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Beschreibung: In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT, Gaige shares her journey to wholeness and her realization of her true potential for abundance, harmony, peace, and joy. Written for anyone that commits to overcoming illness, relationship discord, discontent, addiction or lack/financial unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT expresses a greater life purpose. What makes this book different than others in the genre is that Gaige gently guides the reader through the process to repair the breaks caused by mind. Resisting one's true potential means losing the perspective of how vast and significant our true power is. By accepting limitations in mind, we learn to forget our infinite capacity. Gaige's book is a push back for each of us to “walk our talk.” Visit: http://www.julegaige.com

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